bookin it

just a few boring wish-I-knew-that before-I-started thoughts on preparing my book.

I. Campaign Pieces

A. Save All Final Copies of Decks
What generally happens is that the after x-number of revisions, the final keynote ends up on the Art Director’s computer.

*Make it a point after you pitch, to immediately save that final copy on your computer or external hard drive.

Otherwise you’ll be stuck hounding the art directors at the last minute and hoping they still have it.

B. Stash Talking Points
I always make outlines of my talking points for my presentations.
I wish I would have done a more consistent job of saving those. It helps tremendously to have those details all ready written out, instead of trying to think back to campaigns I pitched 3 months ago and channel the same familiarity.

C. Make a Record of Teammate’s Key Talking Points
In a perfect world, you know every bit of the campaign in case something unexpected happens to a member of the pitch team. But 2 or 3 months later, you’re probably only going to retain the parts you presented.

If you can, jot down the key points & a few details of the pieces of the presentation you’re NOT presenting. Save them.

II. Receipts
I keep an envelope in my car for receipts. That way I don’t lose them and it’s convenient when I realize I bought 8 whatevers in the wrong color and need to exchange them.

Plus, I think I remember reading somewhere if you save receipts for creative materials and get hired in that year, you can deduct those expenses on your taxes.

Sally Hogshead advised:

Spend more time thinking, less time executing

Keeping a system of organization is a chore but it definitely frees up more time for thinking when you’re producing your book on a deadline.

best to you,


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