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Google campus day @ VCU Brandcenter

Last week Google came to the BrandCenter to set up an intensive 2 day Google Campus.
They brought in 6 kiosks with a Googler onĀ  hand to explain different Google properties such as Double Click, AdWords, Google Maps/Earth, advertising within YouTube etc. Then a mobile cafe to play around with the Android.

Thursday was a lecture on improving SEO & demystifying the Google AdWords AdRank.

Friday, the absolutely hilarious Aidan Chopra had us rolling with laughter as he gave 4 run mini-lectures of Google Sketch Up.

If you’re an Art Director and haven’t been using it (it’s free and there is also a paid Pro version) Get On It. You can subscribe to Aidan’s YouTube channel “Sketch Up for Dummies”

A basic HowTo by Aidan

Google Ad Words + Optimizing Your
Google AdRank
1. If the landing page of your site is Flash heavy- it’s going to lower your rank on a Google search result. (Part of the AdRank score is Ease of Navigation, so Google considers the lag in loading Flash intros a diasadvantage.)

Last week Julia Angwin wrote about how she worked to manipulate what pops up when her name is Googled.

What It’s Like to Be A Googler
Yes, every Goolger we met has serious pride about being a Googler. The phrases “Google always keeps the user in mind,” and “At Google we’re all about doing good things that matter,” was uttered a Google-load of times.

It’s kind of overwhelming because your inner snark wonders, “umm, company Kool-Aid???,” but on the other hand, it’s amazing that the culture is so well defined, embraced and understood for a company that massive.
But Robert Wong, who closed the 2-day event, made the point that ‘people work for three reasons: to chase a paycheck, to make a name, or because they believe in their work as a calling.’

Yes, Google is the juggernaut, but when you look at the 100s of things they produce for us to tinker with that are free, it lends authenticity to the comment that Googlers choose to work there to answer his/her calling.

Before they unleashed us on the Google toys

Before they unleashed us on the Google toys

Lunching with Googlers & the Martin Agency

Lunching with Googlers & the Martin Agency